A New World of Beef!

This is a test to explore the features of this blog. I command you to check back often and do what I tell you. I will make you laugh, cry, and irritate you to the point of punching yourself in the balls…enjoy!

    • Little Margie
    • March 15th, 2011

    Hey! Howdy! I just have to get this off my chest, so to speak! I’m sick to death of Jim Skelton and his immaturity! Lately he has been into comments that demean women! He thinks this is hilarious! I can pesonally tell you that it isn’t funny at all, and that in many businesses it would be considered harassment! He was harassing first the models, and then this past weekend he targeted Jill of Invicta!She told him she didn’t like it!Mysteriously that tape hasn’t shown up on “Watch Us Live” taped shows! ShopNBC doesn’t appear to really care! Jim mentions that he gets his hands slapped,and laughs, but does not change his behavior! In 2011 you can not continue to demean women on TV!!!

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