I woke up my wife a few nights ago so she could see what I was seeing on CNN. I stayed up till nearly 4 am watching live footage of Japan being destroyed by the huge earthquake and following tsunami. The water was unreal, a disaster movie unfolded in real life…heartbreaking. Days later shit just gets worse, as they try to rescue survivors and recover the dead the threat of nuclear meltdown looms from more than one power plant.

The thing I notice is that the Japanese seem to be an amazing culture! The scope of this disaster is larger than anything to happen here in America yet the Japanese seem clam and dignified. They never seem to ask for help but are grateful for any aid.

The only thing I can compare this earthquake to is Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane was terrible but what was worse was events that transpired after and American behavior. I watch the news  and wonder why aren’t the Japanese looting the stores? Why aren’t the Japanese motherfuckin’ the government for not taking care of them with money and free housing? Why aren’t they trampling each other for food and water…they stand in line and wait their turn? Why aren’t they killing each other…like the Americans did??? My quick answer: Because they don’t act like fuckin’ entitled spoiled fuckin’ babies! Shame on us America!

I am praying for the Japanese people and I hope the world can learn from your example of keeping your shit together and respecting each other in the face of total destruction. You are a brave and dignified people and have the respect of me and hopefully the rest of the world!

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