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Television in the new millenium?

As I sit here writing this post I am listening to “Las Vegas Jail” on Tru TV on television in the background. I have a pretty decent cable package from ATT Uverse. There’s 100’s of channels with all kinds of shows. There’s a shit load of channels I’ve never watched? Ethnic networks, religious channels, and shop at home channels. The dozens I do watch on a regular basis including a ton of movie channels I often find myself saying, “There’s nothing on to watch!” The reality is I have become over stimulated.

I think back to when I was a kid, we had 3 network channels, and 1 UHF channel, and a PBS channel. With only a handful of channels I always found something to watch. It was the days of a big Curtis Mathis console set with a heavy wooden cabinet.  It was the days of waiting for the TV to “warm up”, the days of rabbit ear antennas with tin foil, clickers, and the national anthem right before network daily sign off. I used to like to watch the TV turn off and wait for the little white dot to appear in the middle of the dark screen. Does anyone else remember testing the TV tubes at the drug store on that big machine?

Cable TV soon came around and we were blown away by the 32 channels!!  As kids we liked to take a book of matches and jam it in the cable box dial and wiggle it so the dirty channels would be visable!

Soon after cable we got a VCR. Video tapes were about the coolest thing ever! They turned family rooms into movie theaters and seem to bring people together. It was an event to go to the video store and rent a couple flicks and hang out with friends or family. We’d make popcorn in the kettle with oil and watch horror or sci-fi movies. Before Blockbuster the Mom & Pop rental stores had all kinds of cool B horror, music movies, and weird ass shit! I remember first seeing things like Water’s “Pink Flamingos”, “The Decline of Western Civilization”, and all the “Faces of Death” videos. It was a glorious time in TV entertainment!

As the convience of DVR, video on demend and 100’s of channels I think we’ve taken our life long pal the TV for granted. It’s kind of sad, I can’t remember the last time a bunch of my friends or family all sat around together to watch a movie or program. I miss the good ol’ days.