The story of Creepy La Beef.

In 1824 a man named Mernie Ceebo was sexually violated in a Transylvanian prison by a vampire named Deet Doh. The man had horrible unexplained stomach pains for over 100 years after the attack. On January 8th 1935 the man began bleeding from his anus while smoking in an opium den with a Yeti in the Himalayas. As he lay on his bamboo mat in pain a head popped out from between his butt cheeks followed by the greatest human being born since Christ…Creepy LaBeef!! After being breastfed by a female yeti for 6 weeks the milk from the yeti tit gave Creepy the physical and mental powers never seen on planet Earth. This blog is the gospel from Creepy himself. Check back often and spread the word to your friends and more importantly your enemies. Creepy’s testimony will fill your being with happiness, anger, fear, sexual feelings. Read, believe, and testify the truth…Creepy La Beef!

-Ernest Hemingway’s Ghost 1-3-11

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